Texas’s Confusing Voter Registration System Is An Early Result Of Congress's Failed Voting Rights Push

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Julie Crum and her 91-year-old mother, Darlyne Crum, residents of Canyon Lake, Texas, archetypal filled retired applications for mail-in ballots successful January, which they qualify for successful the authorities due to the fact that they are some implicit the property of 65. The applications were rejected — they accidentally hadn’t specified which party’s superior they wanted to ballot in. So they filled retired the forms again. Julie got her ballot aft that, but her mother’s exertion was rejected a 2nd clip due to the fact that of an contented with her ID number.

The 2nd rejection letter, shared with BuzzFeed News, was dated Feb. 12, but Julie says her parent didn’t person it until Feb. 16, 2 days earlier the mail-in ballot exertion deadline. Once again, the signifier was corrected and sent back, but they were disquieted the exertion hadn’t made it successful clip to conscionable the deadline.

Julie said her parent would beryllium capable to ballot successful idiosyncratic if she perfectly had to. “But it’s much than a small infuriating that she would person to,” said Julie, a Democrat who votes regularly. Julie said it’s ne'er been this hard for her and her parent to vote. “I didn’t program connected each this taking truthful overmuch clip and energy, truthful I’m benignant of moving it retired arsenic we go.”

Darlyne’s ballot arrived successful the message Thursday, conscionable 5 days earlier Texas’s superior election, and they’re “pretty confident” their votes volition beryllium counted. But their vexation and struggles aren’t unique. Thousands of mail-in applications and ballots person been returned to voters up of the March 1 primaries with nary warrant that they’ll beryllium sent backmost successful clip to beryllium counted. The dilemma results from a caller instrumentality that has efficaciously tightened entree to the ballot for eligible voters, ju...

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