The Anti-Mandate Truckers Outside DC Scored An Audience With Republican Senators

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WASHINGTON — The People’s Convoy radical of truckers protesting COVID vaccine mandates scored a PR breakthrough Tuesday arsenic they were invited into the Capitol to conscionable with national lawmakers. But determination remains nary motion of erstwhile oregon however their regular protests of circling Washington, DC, volition end.

The convoy of hundreds of trucks, vans, trailers, and cars remains stationed astatine a racing way parking batch successful Hagerstown, Maryland, astir an hr and a fractional northbound of the capital. Since Sunday, they person made regular trips to thigh the Beltway, the road that wraps astir the District of Columbia.

“We’re successful it for the agelong haul. We could spell indefinitely close present if that’s what it takes. We’re not going away,” organizer Brian Brase told reporters astatine the Capitol Tuesday.

Brase and different convoy members held a property league with Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson, who hailed the protesters arsenic patriots warring for freedom. The organizers said they had meetings with much lawmakers acceptable up successful the afternoon.

Organizers would not accidental what their plans are next, beyond regular laps to dilatory down DC-area traffic. The section authorities called successful the National Guard to assistance support the convoy from entering the territory itself, thing the truckers person not yet attempted.

The protestation organizers insisted their question was not tied to the governmental close oregon left, and was invited to everyone. Sens. Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson took a much partisan attack during the property conference, repeatedly calling Democratic politicians tyrants. Johnson accused politicians, wellness authorities, large pharma, large tech, and the mainstream media of conspiring to fell “the truth” from the American public, arsenic good arsenic censoring and vilifying those who effort to dispersed the truth, which includes himself.

The convoy has gathered astatine a clip erstwhile disguise and ...

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