The Batman deleted scene reveals the Joker

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The Batman has been retired successful theaters for a fewer weeks now, but adjacent aft credits rolled, not each enigma was resolved. The movie’s post-credits country revealed a nexus to the website, wherever fans could effort to lick the game’s ongoing ARG, and it seems that the lawsuit has yet been cracked.

The website was updated connected Thursday to uncover 3 caller riddles, on with a deleted country from the movie that gives america our champion look yet astatine Batman’s astir iconic villain.

[Ed. note: This station contains spoilers for The Batman.]

The Batman ends with the Riddler locked distant successful Arkham Asylum, but helium isn’t alone. In the compartment close adjacent to him is this universe's mentation of the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan. In the scene, Joker taunts Riddler a bit, but seems to person a bully thought of his schtick and calls himself a friend, implying that they mightiness enactment unneurotic successful the future. While the movie leaves it up to america to fig retired wherefore the Joker mightiness cognize astir Riddler’s crimes from wrong his compartment successful Arkham, this deleted country reveals the truth.

As it turns out, Batman paid Joker a sojourn wrong Arkham, successful a precise Clarice-Hannibal Lecter move. The Caped Crusader asked his nemesis, who helium seemingly met astir a twelvemonth previous, to decipher immoderate of Riddler’s messages, successful hopes of learning thing lone a chap psychopath mightiness understand. Of course, each helium gets from the Joker is simply a laugh, a taunt, and a precise haunting smile.

We don’t get a bully look astatine the mentation of the Joker that really appears successful the movie, but ...

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