The best new hotels in Italy, whether you're looking for amore in Amalfi or serenity in Sicily

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Inside edifice lobbies crossed Italy, alteration is afoot. Aside from a fistful of iconic properties, galore person agelong been stuck successful the past – either draughty B&B-style pensiones oregon overly ceremonial residences. I should cognize – I’ve been staying astatine Italian hotels ever since I was a child, visiting my family. But this twelvemonth there’s a superior boost successful wherever to enactment arsenic a question of unthinkable caller hotels unfastened up.

Look nary further than the craggy, snow-tipped peaks of the Dolomites for a fairy-tale flight astatine Hotel Kolfuschgerhof, successful the bluish portion of Alta Badia.

It’s a family-owned hotel, inspired by a accepted Tyrolean aesthetic with wood-clad rooms and bathtubs giving stunning views implicit The Sella massif. Alpine-themed spa treatments, immoderate utilizing locally made blackberry oils, and plentifulness of cosy corners are conscionable the happening to lukewarm you up aft a time spent retired successful the crisp air.

Hotel Kolfuschgerhof (pictured), is nestled successful the snow-tipped peaks of the Dolomites successful Italy's bluish portion of Alta Badia

The family-owned Hotel Kolfuschgerhof is inspired by a accepted Tyrolean aesthetic with wood-clad rooms

There’s a modern twist connected high-altitude chic at Locanda degli Artisti (pictured centre-foreground)

The sauna at Locanda degli Artisti. The edifice has conscionable 20 suites, each dedicated to an Italian artist

As good arsenic eating successful the hotel, guests tin tuck into accepted fare successful the hotel’s tiny upland lodge, recovered astatine 6,500ft up successful the Val Stella Alpina – giving caller meaning to ‘haute cuisine’.

Rooms outgo from £252 per nighttime (

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