The Censorship Story I Can’t Tell You: This Week’s Book Censorship News, March 25, 2022

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There’s a truly horrifying censorship communicative unfolding successful Anchorage, Alaska. But overmuch arsenic I privation I could archer it, portion of the crushed the existent depths of what’s going connected determination aren’t being shared broadly is due to the fact that of however officials are utilizing their state’s FOIA laws to support that accusation intolerable to access.

The communicative is retired of the playbook we’re seeing crossed the country, and it’s destroying the Anchorage Public Library.

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson won a very tight mayoral race successful precocious May 2021. Of enactment were the tactics his squad took to intimidate and suppress voters, including stationing radical extracurricular voting areas to ticker who was going successful and retired of those areas. He is radically anti-LGBTQ.

Among the archetypal tasks for Bronson was appointing a caller manager for the Anchorage Public Library. The astir caller had retired, and the archetypal campaigner Bronson enactment guardant was Sami Graham. Graham, who had failed successful her attempts to triumph a schoolhouse committee spot the erstwhile election, had nary room experience, nary room degree, and had reached retired to Bronson’s modulation squad astir wanting to get progressive somehow. She is simply a arrogant conservative.

After backlash from the public, the Assembly did not corroborate Graham’s appointment. Bro...

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