The Defense In The First Jan. 6 Trial's Closing Argument: Maybe The Evidence Is Fake

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WASHINGTON — After 3 and a fractional days of grounds and grounds from authorities witnesses successful the proceedings of Guy Reffitt, the archetypal idiosyncratic charged successful the Jan. 6 insurrection to basal trial, the defence connected Monday made a little entreaty to the jury: Key witnesses — Reffitt’s lad and a erstwhile chap militant radical subordinate — weren’t reliable. Video showing Reffitt astatine the Capitol couldn’t beryllium trusted. And Reffitt himself was afloat of it.

Monday’s proceedings featured the last authorities witnesses and the defense’s pushback to the overarching prosecution theory that Reffitt planned good successful beforehand to tempest the Capitol, brought guns and different instrumentality to transportation retired that plan, and tried to pb the mob successful the archetypal breach of the Capitol and resisted a barrage of projectiles changeable astatine his assemblage by constabulary officers earlier being yet thwarted by chemic spray.

The assemblage is acceptable to statesman deliberating archetypal happening Tuesday.

Reffitt is facing a five-count indictment that charges him with bringing guns to DC to enactment a “civil disorder,” obstructing an authoritative proceeding oregon aiding and abetting, being successful a restricted country with a handgun, interfering with constabulary during a civilian upset that affects interstate commerce, and threatening his children to not cooperate with the FBI.

Reffitt’s lawyer William Welch III pitched to the assemblage that they should find Reffitt blameworthy of illegally being successful a restricted area, but thing else. Without the weapons enhancement, the maximum penalt...

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