The Endurance Shipwreck Is a Bridge to a Bygone Age, and a Reminder of Antarctica’s Uncertain Future

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By Hanne E.F. Nielsen and Alessandro Antonello March 17, 2022

Ernest Shackleton Endurance Shipwreck

The wreck of Endurance is simply a span to a bygone age, and a reminder of Antarctica’s uncertain future.

Superbly wide images of the shipwreck Endurance, 3,000 meters (~10,000 feet) beneath the ocean’s aboveground successful Antarctica’s Weddell Sea, were broadcast astir the satellite past week. Found by the Endurance 22 Expedition utilizing a state-of-the-art autonomous underwater vehicle, we present person images astir arsenic iconic arsenic those taken of the stricken ship by Australian lensman and expedition subordinate Frank Hurley successful 1915.

Endurance was the vessel of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Led by British-Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, the expedition aimed to transverse Antarctica connected ft for the archetypal time, from the Weddell Sea (south of the Atlantic Ocean) to the Ross Sea (south of New Zealand), via the South Pole.