The First Jan. 6 Defendant To Go To Trial Was Found Guilty On All Counts

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WASHINGTON — Guy Reffitt, a Texas antheral accused of bringing a handgun to the US Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection and the archetypal idiosyncratic to basal proceedings successful transportation with the attack, was recovered blameworthy connected each counts connected Tuesday.

Reffitt’s lawsuit isn’t formally connected to immoderate of the hundreds of pending transgression prosecutions stemming from the onslaught connected the Capitol, but the verdict is simply a large triumph for the government. Prosecutors spent the past twelvemonth negotiating plea deals, fending disconnected ineligible challenges to the charges, and trying to support the governmental maelstrom surrounding the insurrection retired of the courtroom. A chaotic paper successful each of this was however a assemblage would respond to the government’s strategy for trying to clasp each suspect liable for a wide attack.

The assemblage spent astir 3 hours deliberating; jurors were sent retired soon earlier 10 a.m. connected Tuesday, and the justice announced they’d reached a determination astatine 1:30 p.m. They did not person immoderate questions for the justice portion they deliberated. Over the erstwhile week, they’d heard grounds and seen grounds from the authorities that laid retired successful wide strokes the scope of the onslaught connected the Capitol arsenic good arsenic the circumstantial details of what Reffitt was doing before, during, and aft the day.

Reffitt is acceptable to beryllium sentenced successful idiosyncratic earlier US District Judge Dabney Friedrich connected June 8. He’ll stay successful custody until then.

Reffitt faced a five-count indictment charging him with bringing guns to DC to enactment a “civil disorder,” obstructing an authoritative proceeding and aiding and abetting, being successful a restricted country with a handgun, interfering with constabulary during a civilian upset that affected interstate commerce, and obstructing justness by threatening his children not to cooperate with the FBI. The tw...

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