The First Jan. 6 Trial Starts Tomorrow. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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WASHINGTON — Jury enactment is acceptable to statesman Monday successful the lawsuit of a Texas antheral charged with bringing a handgun to the US Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. It’s the archetypal proceedings since the attack, a large milestone successful the sprawling prosecution effort and a captious trial of however the Justice Department’s strategy successful these cases volition play to a jury.

Guy Reffitt, 49, is accused of traveling to Washington with a firearm and a handgun and bringing the second with him to the Capitol. He’s not accused of going wrong the building, though; US Capitol Police officers are prepared to archer the assemblage that Reffitt attempted to marque his mode up a acceptable of exterior steps arsenic the riot unfolded and that it took a barrage of chemic spray, capsicum balls, and different projectiles to crook him back. Once helium returned location to Wylie, a suburb of Dallas, prosecutors allege, helium warned his teenage children not to archer anyone astir his travel to DC; his lad reported him to the FBI.

Reffitt’s proceedings — however it unfolds and however it ends — volition person ripple effects crossed hundreds of pending cases. Reffitt faces immoderate of the aforesaid charges arsenic galore of the 750-plus defendants charged with storming the Capitol, including immoderate who whitethorn beryllium weighing plea deals oregon preparing for their ain trials. The overarching discourse of the events of Jan. 6 that the jurors are apt to perceive astir — the events starring up to the attack, the grade of the violence, and the mob’s occurrence successful temporarily stopping Congress from certifying the results of the statesmanlike predetermination — is simply a shared feature. Other defendants, their lawyers, and national prosecutors handling the remainder of these cases volition beryllium intimately watching to spot however the assemblage responds.

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