The Government Missed A Key Deadline In A Jan. 6 Conspiracy Case. Then Things Got Messy.

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WASHINGTON — When Lucas Denney was arrested connected Dec. 13 successful Kinney County, Texas, the charges featured immoderate of the astir superior felonies to day successful immoderate of the hundreds of cases related to the Jan. 6 insurrection. He was accused of conspiring with a codefendant arsenic portion of a self-proclaimed militant radical called the “Patriot Boys.” He was besides charged with obstructing Congress, assaulting police, interfering with constabulary during a civilian disorder, and illegally being successful a restricted country astir the Capitol with a weapon.

Just a fewer months later, though, a captious missed deadline by the authorities has enactment the aboriginal of its lawsuit against Denney successful limbo. He appeared successful tribunal Thursday to participate a blameworthy plea to a azygous count. Prosecutors near unfastened the anticipation of trying to indict him connected the remainder of the charges, portion the defence signaled they’d combat immoderate specified effort connected treble jeopardy grounds.

Earlier this month, Denney’s lawyer had alerted the justice to the information that prosecutors had missed the deadline to indict his lawsuit aft he’d been arrested and violated a halfway ineligible extortion for defendants — the close to a speedy trial. Prosecutors acknowledged the violation, blaming a miscalculation of the dates. They agreed with Denney that the lawsuit should beryllium dismissed. But they asked the justice to disregard it “without prejudice,” meaning they’d support the enactment of recharging him successful the future.

In the meantime, successful an effort to support the lawsuit going, the authorities secured a one-count indictment against Denney for assaulting a constabulary serviceman with a pole. Denney past dramatically changed people Thursday, dropping his question to disregard the lawsuit and pleading blameworthy to the lone number successful the late-filed indictment.

Denney’s plea is simply a gamble. Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Rozzoni said during Thursday’s proceeding that the authorities had...

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