The Impact of Extinction: Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Sent Extraordinary Amounts of Sulfur Into the Stratosphere

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Illustration Following Chicxulub Impact

This representation illustrates a country from bluish Laurentia (North America) successful the play a fewer weeks aft the Chicxulub interaction showing the onset of freezing upwind and skies loaded with sulfur aerosols. The absorption is connected the past surviving dinosaurs – present a brace of T-Rex chicks, which someway survived the archetypal interaction phenomena, but which volition soon succumb to the cold. Credit: ©James McKay – Creative Commons

While the fashionable Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” has raised nationalist consciousness to the imaginable catastrophic effects of asteroid interaction to satellite Earth, caller probe sheds airy connected however the Chicxulub interaction 66 cardinal years agone resulted successful extinction of 75 percent of animals connected Earth, including the dinosaurs.

A ample asteroid, astir 10 kilometers successful diameter, struck Mexico’s bluish Yucatán peninsula, an interaction that ejected worldly astir equivalent to an country the size of Connecticut and much than doubly arsenic gangly arsenic Mt. Everest, redistributing it implicit the globe.

“The interaction blast and fallout ignited wide fires...

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