The joys of skiing in the Alpine hideaway of Slovenia

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Bridget Jones erstwhile said: 'Told a tiny prevarication astir being an highly experienced skier. But honestly, however hard tin it be?' 

Well, rather hard arsenic it happens.  

While I envisaged hopes of emulating a graceful Lindsey Vonn oregon fearless Eddie the Eagle, arsenic I took to the slopes for the archetypal clip I bore thing of a striking resemblance to the hapless fictional newsman - limbs askew, sliding backwards down a upland earlier landing face-first successful snow. 

Amie Gordon puts the skis resorts of Slovenia to the test, hitting the slopes successful Rogla, Krvavec and Vogel (pictured above) 

Bridget Jones: 'Told a tiny prevarication astir being an highly experienced skier. But honestly, however hard tin it be?' Above is simply a country from 2004's Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

Pictured supra is the 'family-friendly' skis edifice of Rogla, which has a apical altitude of 1,517m (4,977ft)

The crushed for this reckless small adventure? I was invited by the Slovenian Tourist Board to illustration the skis resorts of a state often overlooked successful the wintertime sports section successful favour of its trendier neighbours France, Italy and Switzerland. 

My sojourn coincided with the Winter Olympics successful Beijing, during which Slovenia's nationalist squad was soaring to glory, securing 2 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze medals - each azygous 1 successful skiing. 

Team GB got medals lone for curling, truthful needless to accidental we could astir apt usage a spot of assistance connected the slopes. 

Slovenia is lasting by. This tiny Alpine hideaway has superb instructors and is cleanable if you privation to dip your toes successful the snowfall for the archetypal time, instrumentality the kids connected an progressive vacation oregon simply privation to task to determination disconnected the tourer way successful Europe. 

Amie successfully managed to clang into the lone 2 different radical connected an different wholly bare skis tally successful Rogla, pictured 

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