The Justice Department Won’t Reopen The Federal Civil Rights Investigation Into Tamir Rice’s Death

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WASHINGTON — The Justice Department connected Friday notified the household of Tamir Rice — the 12-year-old lad who was changeable and killed by a Cleveland constabulary serviceman successful 2014 — that officials would not reopen a national civilian rights probe that closed successful December 2020.

Rice’s household past twelvemonth launched Tamir’s Campaign to impulse DOJ officials nether the caller medication to revisit the Trump-era decision. Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke, the caput of the Civil Rights Division, wrote successful a letter dated Jan. 28 to an lawyer moving with the household that the child’s decease was a “tragic loss,” but that they stood by the investigation of vocation prosecutors who concluded the authorities wouldn’t beryllium capable to beryllium a national civilian rights usurpation “beyond a tenable doubt.”

“The United States Supreme Court has made wide that successful prosecuting a Section 242 case, an serviceman acted ‘willfully’ if helium did truthful with atrocious intent — that is, with the circumstantial intent to bash thing the instrumentality forbids — to deprive a idiosyncratic of their law rights. After viewing, and exhaustively evaluating the disposable grounds successful this matter, successful 2020, vocation prosecutors determined that the national authorities could not conscionable this precocious standard,” Clarke wrote.

Clarke continued, underlining for emphasis, “By nary means should you presumption the Department’s 2020 determination arsenic an exoneration of Timothy Loehmann’s actions,” referring to the f...

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