The Kirby And The Forgotten Land Launch Trailer Is Predictably Cute

6 months ago 16

Happy Kirby Day!

It's astir apt just to accidental that not every Kirby crippled has got the pulse racing, with often fantabulous releases sometimes followed by excessively 'safe' entries successful the series. Pleasingly, Kirby and the Forgotten Land looks to beryllium a existent instrumentality to form, with plentifulness of reviews - including our ain - lavishing the 3D introduction with praise.

As you tin spot astatine the apical of the page, Nintendo has rolled retired the motorboat trailer to observe the crippled landing successful stores, connected the eShop and connected doormats each astir the world. And, well, it's beauteous darn cute and charming.

We're each geared up for a Kirby weekend; fto america cognize if it's successful your plans successful the comments below, and you tin besides join successful with our caller Poll!

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