The Lounge Society: ‘The younger you are, the more opportunities you’ve had taken away from you’

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“There’s a procreation staring down the tube of a gun/And you won’t ever find them connected the screen of The Sun.” This is however we conscionable tenacious Yorkshire four-piece The Lounge Society. The lyrics, taken from the band’s 2020 debut way “Generation Game” – and written erstwhile they were conscionable 17 – present america to their distinctive marque of disco-infused punk. There’s energy, despair and vexation each successful the mix. It’s striking for a archetypal single. “It’s political, it’s aggressive, it’s agelong and not based astir large hooks,’’ says guitarist Herbie May. “It’s everything a debut grounds shouldn’t person been and that’s wherefore it was perfect.”

It’s an aboriginal denotation of the size of their ambitions, but they person lofty goals erstwhile it comes to their sound, too. At 1 constituent May tells me: “We privation to dependable similar The Velvet [Underground] and merchantability similar The [Rolling] Stones – comparatively, not literally!”

Straddling rock, punk, disco, funk and everything successful between, the radical – completed by Cameron Davey (vocals, bass), Hani Paskin-Hussain (guitar) and Archie Dewis (drums) – person been “glued unneurotic similar 4 nuclei successful a cell” since gathering astatine school. Davey and May articulation maine connected a Zoom from their respective bedrooms successful Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. They archer maine however their closeness enables them to run harmoniously connected the road. “If you tin past a fewer years of precocious schoolhouse with each other, you tin past anything,” May laughs.

Their relationship makes their collaborative penning process natural, instinctive even. You tin perceive it successful their music: the mood-swinging gait changes, the creaseless mode that they harness the listener’s emotions. But extracurricular of this earthy flair, they are conscious of ...

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