The one thing I'm really ashamed of is smacking my little boys, writes JENNI MURRAY

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Jenni Murray (pictured) says she applauds Wales for making smacking children illegal

From fractional a beingness of bitter experience, I cognize that smacking a kid is wrong. I fishy excessively fewer successful England — wherever assaulting a kid tin beryllium defended arsenic ‘reasonable punishment’ — would see a speedy slap connected the thigh home violence, but it is.

We bash not judge slapping a pistillate is ‘reasonable punishment’. It’s illegal, arsenic it should beryllium for children. So I applaud Wales, which this week joined Scotland and 60 different countries astir the satellite successful making smacking children illegal.

Spare the rod and spoil the kid was astatine the apical of the database of my mother’s methods erstwhile it came to childcare. Discipline was her top concern. Untidy chamber — bare bottommost smacked. Swearing successful the thoroughfare — a existent walloping with the backmost of her hand.

Failure to bash my stock of washing oregon drying the pots — a slap connected the legs and an hr sitting connected the stairs oregon successful her chamber with nary books oregon toys, conscionable clip to deliberation astir my misdemeanours.

I erstwhile spent the clip pulling faces and sticking retired my tongue, muttering astir however overmuch I hated her. She stormed into the country successful a fury, slapping maine painfully crossed my feature and telling maine I indispensable ne'er propulsion specified a look again.

How did she know, I asked? She hadn’t seen me. ‘Mummies,’ she intoned, ‘know precisely what their children are doing, each the time.’ I was lone 5 and it was years earlier I realised, she’d seen maine reflected successful her dressing array mirror.

My parent was scary, but I don’t deliberation her unit made maine immoderate amended behaved. The spare the rod doctrine persisted successful babe and inferior school. In my convent schoolhouse astatine the property of six, a miss had been giggling and swearing successful the boys’ toilets. The boys’ mouths were washed retired with soap and water, lite...

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