The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Barely Came Up At The First Day Of CPAC

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ORLANDO, Florida – Republicans astatine the archetypal time of the Conservative Political Action Conference focused connected “the woke mob” adjacent arsenic Russia invaded Ukraine.

“And ohio however we commune for Ukraine and for the radical of Ukraine,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn said successful a code Thursday earlier hundreds of activists and supporters wrong Gatlin Ballroom astatine the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, successful Orlando, Florida.

That’s it. That’s each she said astir the Russia–Ukraine conflict, earlier rapidly pivoting into captious contention theory. Gov. Ron DeSantis, the rising Republican who spoke soon earlier Blackburn, didn’t notation the situation astatine all. Neither did Sen. Ted Cruz.

Speakers connected the main signifier talked astir captious contention theory, disguise mandates, and amerciable borderline crossings, but what was glaringly absent during the archetypal time of CPAC was the biggest quality of the day.

But the lawmakers cognize their base. After polling the crowd, the sentiment seemed to beryllium that the Russian invasion, portion fundamentally wrong, did not necessitate American intervention. Instead, attendees said America should absorption connected different border: the confederate one.

“​​I'd alternatively person our guys connected the borderline present successful this country,” William Vreeland told BuzzFeed News. “Defend our border, past we'll interest astir idiosyncratic else's borderline 8,000 miles distant from us, you travel me?”

“It’s highly important to beryllium afloat alert of satellite events due to the fact that satellite events impact section events, impact the United States,” different attendee said. “You person to beryllium alert to everything that's going on. Should we beryllium involved? No. We should not beryllium involved.”

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