The secret US mission to bolster Ukraine’s cyber defenses ahead of Russia’s invasion

6 months ago 29

Months earlier the Russian invasion, a squad of Americans fanned retired crossed Ukraine looking for a precise circumstantial benignant of threat.

Some squad members were soldiers with the US Army’s Cyber Command. Others were civilian contractors and immoderate employees of American companies that assistance support captious infrastructure from the benignant of cyber attacks that Russian agencies had inflicted upon Ukraine for years.

The US had been helping Ukraine bolster its cyber defenses for years, ever since an infamous 2015 onslaught connected its powerfulness grid near portion of Kyiv without energy for hours.

But this surge of US unit successful October and November was different: it was successful mentation of impending war. People acquainted with the cognition described an urgency successful the hunt for hidden malware, the benignant Russia could person planted, past near dormant successful mentation to motorboat a devastating cyber onslaught alongside a much accepted crushed invasion.

Experts pass that Russia whitethorn yet unleash a devastating online onslaught connected Ukrainian infrastructure of the benignant that has agelong been expected by Western officials. But y...

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