The Teen Humor Comics of the 1940s

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One of the reasons it’s fascinating to look astatine YA lit from the 1930s done the 1960s is that this was the epoch not conscionable of the burgeoning class of books, but it was the epoch erstwhile teenagers became a demographic marketers could tap. Teenagers, peculiarly aft World War II, had entree to much time, money, and proscription than ever before. This made them a premier people for selling to, and arsenic a result, much became disposable to sell to teenagers. Likewise, the maturation of vigor and tv provided an ample spot for gathering upon franchises and stories that clicked with fans.

It’s intolerable not to speech astir this epoch and this demographic, though, without acknowledging what’s meant by “teenagers.” These were white, mediate people kids who would beryllium molded into upstanding white, mediate class, heteronormative adults. This is reflected implicitly passim teen media of the era, and arsenic such, it besides applies to a fascinating epoch successful comic history: teen wit comics.

Comics publishers were particularly keen connected reaching this demographic and during the 1940s, they filled newsstands with a wide scope of comics. Most were not large but were alternatively meant to make user request for more. Rare others, however, got fortunate and inactive stay favorites today.

Archie was 1 specified comic.

MLJ Comics, which would aboriginal rebrand arsenic Archie Comics and stay 1 of the astir prolific publishers of teen wit comics, created Archie and Riverdale for their 1941 comic publication Pep Comics. The unit was truthful fashionable that successful 1942, MLJ spun disconnected the characters into their ain full-blown bid that centered astir what it meant to beryllium a teenager.