The Trucker Convoy Is Circling Washington, DC, To Slow Down Traffic In Protest Of Vaccine Restrictions

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WASHINGTON — Members of the "People’s Convoy," successful protestation of vaccine restrictions, program to walk Sunday circling Washington, DC, aft section officials made it wide the convoy would beryllium blocked from entering the district.

Hundreds of cars and trucks are heading retired to dilatory thrust on the Beltway, the roadway that loops astir the territory and has go synonymous with Washington insider-dom. Protesters described it arsenic an opening salvo and said they are prepared to repetition their traffic-clogging objection passim the week unless their demands are met.

The convoy is simply a successor to the "Freedom Convoy," a Canadian protestation question against vaccine mandates that took implicit the superior metropolis of Ottawa, occupying the downtown halfway and holding a benignant of moving thoroughfare enactment for 3 weeks earlier police cleared them out.

The People’s Convoy took disconnected from Southern California astir 2 weeks agone and arrived successful the DC country precocious Friday. Its basal of operations since past has been the parking batch of a racetrack successful Hagerstown, Maryland, astir an hr and a fractional northbound of Washington.

“This is simply a marathon, not a sprint, connected the mode to getting our state back,” said protester Leah Nordman successful the convoy’s Telegram channel. She said circling the Beltway was a peaceful denotation of the convoy’s size and strength, “putting the shot successful their tribunal arsenic to however this proceeds.”

Some supporters were disappointed that the convoy volition not participate the capital, arsenic the Canadian truckers successfully did...

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