The War In Ukraine Exposes The World's Utter Reliance On Fossil Fuels

6 months ago 35

Russia’s penetration of Ukraine has rocked planetary vigor markets, sending lipid and state prices surging — and exposing the pitfalls of the world’s utter reliance connected fossil fuels.

Scientists person spent decades informing astir however continued fossil substance usage is driving the worsening clime crisis, astir precocious successful a sweeping Intergovernmental Panel connected Climate Change report published past week. But present the nascent warfare shows however fossil fuels, and their volatile planetary markets, tin beryllium a nationalist information risk, too. It’s conscionable uncertain what happens next.

“What I deliberation is changing is that this dependence connected fossil fuels is progressively seen arsenic a vulnerability,” said Clark Williams-Derry, an vigor concern expert astatine the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

This displacement is astir evident successful Europe, which is heavy reliant connected imported Russian vigor to support the lights and vigor connected and has been experiencing a dependable emergence successful vigor prices. The caller conflict, and the escalating sanctions and scrapped pipeline plans successful response, has raised concerns that further projected terms hikes could trigger proviso shortages arsenic soon arsenic adjacent winter.

“We indispensable go autarkic from Russian oil, ember and gas,” Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said successful a connection connected Monday. “We simply cannot trust connected a supplier who explicitly threatens us. We request to enactment present to mitigate the interaction of rising vigor prices, diversify our state proviso for adjacent wintertime ...

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