Thousands Of Russians, Including Celebrities, Are Risking Being Arrested To Protest Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine

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Russian celebrities — including athletes, actors, and Eurovision stars — person besides publically denounced the invasion, putting their careers astatine great risk owed to the government's dense power successful the amusement industry. In an Instagram video, fashionable vocalist Valery Meladze pleaded for an extremity to the invasion.

"History volition beryllium the justice of these events," Meladze said. "But today, I beg you, delight halt the war.”

On Wednesday, conscionable earlier the penetration began, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a televised code calling for bid and highlighting the adjacent ties betwixt Russia and Ukraine.

“This is our land. This is our history. What are you warring for and with whom?” Zelensky said. “Many of you person been to Ukraine. Many of you person relatives successful Ukraine. Some person studied successful Ukrainian universities. Some person made friends with Ukrainians. You cognize our character. You cognize our people. You cognize our principles.”

Zelensky besides straight addressed the radical of Russia, urging them to basal with Ukraine and fto their ain authorities cognize they don't privation war.

“I cognize that my code to you won’t beryllium shown connected Russian television, but the citizens of Russia sh...

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