Tragic Teen Overdoses Revive Talks on Narcan in Schools

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March 24, 2022 -- Raagini Jawa, MD, was a precocious schooler successful a tiny New England municipality erstwhile she experienced firsthand the daze and grief of a deadly cause overdose. Jawa mislaid a adjacent person -- a classmate who had been to her location for countless dinners and sleepovers.

That was 15 years ago. Since then, the occupation has go adjacent deadlier and much widespread, she says.

“You would deliberation cause usage would not beryllium prevalent successful these tiny communities, but it is. And it’s astir invisible,” says Jawa, who is present an infectious illness and addiction medicine specializer astatine Boston Medical Center. “The complaint of unintentional overdoses has skyrocketed. Fatal overdoses aren't conscionable adults -- much and much we're seeing teenagers dying.”

Schools are acting successful effect to the summation successful overdoses among teens. In Oregon City, OR, a metropolis of 37,000 southbound of Portland, the section schoolhouse committee this period approved schoolhouse officials to usage naloxone, a lifesaving medicine, besides known by its marque sanction Narcan, that tin reverse an opioid overdose. Th­e determination was prompted by the fatal overdoses of 2 Portland teenagers.

High schools successful Tucson, AZ, began stocking naloxone successful 2019 aft a pupil overdosed connected opioids -- and was revived by exigency responders -- portion successful school.

A 13-year-old successful Hartford, CT, died successful January aft overdosing astatine his schoolhouse connected

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