Trickbot is using MikroTik routers to ply its trade. Now we know why

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For years, malicious hackers person been hacking ample fleets of MikroTik routers and conscripting them into Trickbot, 1 of the Internet’s astir destructive botnets. Now, Microsoft has yet figured retired wherefore and however the routers are being enactment to use.

Trickbot came to light successful 2016 arsenic a trojan for stealing relationship passwords for usage successful slope fraud. Since then, Trickbot has mushroomed into 1 of the Internet's astir assertive menace platforms, acknowledgment to its highly modular, multistage malware model that provides a afloat suite of tools that are utilized to instal ransomware and different forms of malware from different hacking groups.

The malware driving Trickbot is notable for its precocious capabilities. It excels astatine gaining almighty head privileges, spreading rapidly from machine to machine successful networks, and performing reconnaissance that identifies infected computers belonging to high-value targets. The malware often uses readily disposable bundle similar Mimikatz oregon exploits similar EternalBlue, which was stolen from the National Security Agency.

Hiding the C2

Trickbot operators, Microsoft said connected Wednesday, are compromising MikroTik devices and utilizing those devices to conceal the determination of the bid and power servers that speech information and commands with infected computers. Instead of infected computers connecting straight to the power servers, the computers link to the compromised routers, which enactment arsenic go-betweens.

When information analysts show th...

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