Trump’s Campaign Was Ordered To Pay $350,000 For Trying To Enforce An “Unenforceable” Nondisclosure Agreement

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WASHINGTON — Former president Donald Trump’s run enactment was ordered to wage much than $350,000 successful ineligible fees and expenses for trying to enforce an “unenforceable” nondisclosure statement against erstwhile staffer Alva Johnson, according to an bid entered this period successful a nonpublic arbitration case.

The March 10 order, which was made nationalist this week by Johnson’s attorneys, was the latest setback for the Trump run successful its effort to usage NDAs to effort to punish erstwhile staffers who publically knock oregon instrumentality ineligible enactment against Trump. An arbitrator recovered that adjacent though Johnson’s effort to writer Trump failed — she accused him of trying to forcibly buss her and raised pay favoritism claims, but the lawsuit was tossed retired — the run couldn’t invoke a legally unsound nondisclosure agreement.

Trump has a history of trying to usage arbitration, overmuch of which takes spot successful private, to effort to support perchance damaging oregon embarrassing claims retired of court, wherever hearings and documents are mostly public. When helium ran for president successful 2016, galore run workers were reportedly directed to motion nondisclosure agreements that broadly barred them from sharing accusation astir the run oregon saying antagonistic things astir Trump, his family, and his businesses; the statement specified that the run could property complaints astir alleged violations of...

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