Twitch Launches Revamped Reporting Tool to Better Respond to 'Hate Raids' - CNET

6 months ago 28

Twitch's "more intuitive" reporting instrumentality volition let users to mention the circumstantial crushed they're flagging content.


Twitch is updating its reporting tool to marque it easier for members to emblem behaviour that violates the platform's standards. Launching adjacent week, the feature's "simpler, much intuitive design" volition let users to mention the circumstantial crushed they are flagging contented and see menus based connected whether you're reporting a VOD, clip oregon unrecorded content.

The revamped diagnostic volition archetypal look connected Twitch's web client, the Amazon-owned institution said successful a blog station connected Wednesday, and get connected the mobile app later. 

It whitethorn instrumentality respective months to rotation retired to each Twitch users, the station added, arsenic the institution said it's "taking a thoughtful attack to marque definite it each goes safely and smoothly for our planetary community." 

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