UK hotels: A review of Clementine's Townhouse, York

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Great British boltholes: Inside the recently renovated townhouse edifice successful York that delights with a lukewarm invited and a sprinkling of Paris chic

  • The Mail connected Sunday's Alan Copps checks into Clementine's Townhouse, a 27-room edifice successful cardinal York 
  • He writes: 'The edifice was instantly notable for the lukewarm invited from its enthusiastic and adjuvant staff' 
  • The decor, a premix of Yorkshire Victorian and turn-of-the-century Parisian, features velvet and witty artwork

By Alan Copps For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 22:00 GMT, 5 March 2022 | Updated: 09:30 GMT, 6 March 2022


If you privation to cognize wherefore lightning struck York Minster successful 1984, whether Diagon Alley successful the Harry Potter films is truly The Shambles oregon spot the spot wherever the highwayman Dick Turpin’s assemblage was enactment connected view, for a fee, aft his hanging, it pays to instrumentality a walking circuit of York.

For this is simply a metropolis made for walking. Bounded by past walls (and immoderate not truthful ancient, a usher explains), mostly pedestrianised and chiefly flat, it boasts past and attractions that encompass the Romans, Vikings and Normans.

Its constrictive streets tin beryllium noisy astatine times, truthful for peaceful nights and a parking abstraction if needed, it’s a bully thought to enactment conscionable outside.

Inviting: The Mail connected Sunday's Alan Copps stayed astatine Clementine’s successful York, which stands successful a thoroughfare of imposing Victorian houses. Pictured is the cosy lounge area

Deluxe: The edifice has 27 rooms to 'suit each tastes an...

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