Ukraine crisis: Thousands of British families offering sanctuary to refugees are stuck in backlog

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Thousands of British families who person offered sanctuary to Ukrainian refugees were stuck successful a monolithic backlog past night.

More than 25,000 completed applications person been submitted to the Homes for Ukraine strategy – meaning a precocious fig of Britons person matched themselves up with evacuees.

But Government sources said truthful acold lone 1,000 visas person been approved.

And the fig of refugees who person reached Britain done the strategy is adjacent smaller, with 1 root putting it astatine 'dozens'. 

That is simply a fraction of what ministers promised, showing the programme is earnestly down schedule.

More than 200,000 Britons person volunteered to assistance done Homes for Ukraine which offers hosts £350-a-month from the Government arsenic a 'thank you' for taking successful refugees for a minimum of six months.

Oxford classics don Alfonso Moreno (right), 49, and his household person been matched up with logistics idiosyncratic Mariia Makliudova (left), 27, who fled Kyiv with relatives

Refugees curate Lord Harrington told MPs this period helium expected 'thousands' of evacuees would get by now.

Britons who volunteered to instrumentality refugees aft the strategy opened connected March 14 yesterday described their choler and vexation astatine delays.

One migration insider told the Mail: 'There haven't been the thousands of arrivals successful this state that were predicted by ministers. In fact, there's lone been a trickle of possibly dozens...It's conscionable each very, precise slow.'

A Government root said: 'The fig of visas awarded truthful acold is not what we would person liked. Things are present moving much rapidly and volition proceed to ramp up significantly, but we can't foretell erstwhile the remainder of the 25,000 applications volition beryllium cleared.'

Of the much than 200,000 Britons who person volunteered to help, the 25,000 completed applications volition person seen hosts brace up with refugees done societal media oregon existing friendships.


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