Ukraine news - latest: Russia ‘seizes town near Chernobyl and kidnaps mayor’ as Putin hints at scaled-back war

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Russia hinted it’s scaling backmost its penetration ambitions to absorption lone connected eastbound Ukraine

Biden denies helium was 'too quick' to regularisation retired World War III

Russian forces person taken power of Slavutych, a municipality built for the workers astatine the defunct Chernobyl atomic plant.

Troops had occupied the infirmary and kidnapped the politician Yuri Fomichev, politician of Kyiv portion Oleksandr Pavlyuk said successful an online statement. Reuters quality bureau said it could not independently verify the reports.

The events reportedly took spot arsenic a protestation was being held successful the tiny metropolis – astir 100 miles northbound of Kyiv – that was constructed for the evacuated workers of the Chernobyl works aft the 1986 atomic disaster.

Meanwhile, Russia hinted that it is scaling backmost its penetration to absorption lone connected the Donbas portion of eastbound Ukraine that is controlled by Moscow-backed separatists.

A period aft Vladimir Putin launched the invasion, the Russian defence ministry said it has completed its “first phase” of operations.

Putin’s troops person been met with beardown Ukrainian absorption and person been frustrated by logistical problems.

About 16,000 Russian troops had been killed, Ukrainian president Volodymr Zelensky said, portion Russia has claimed that 1,351 of its soldiers person died.