Ukraine's First Lady OLENA ZELENSKA gives a Mother's Day message like no other

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Ask immoderate parent what is astir precious to her successful the world, and I americium definite you’ll perceive the aforesaid answer: Children. But this unspeakable warfare means decease to children.

‘Dead’ and ‘children’ — these 2 words garbage to basal broadside by side. As a mother, I cognize it’s intolerable adjacent to utter them. It means breached hearts, breached families and breached destinies.

Now I person to archer the satellite astir Alice from Okhtyrka. She did not unrecorded to beryllium 8 years old. She was killed during the shelling of her metropolis on with her grandfather, who covered her with his ain body.

First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, has penned a heartfelt missive to Russian mothers, asking them to deliberation of the interaction the penetration is having connected Ukrainian children

Alice died successful infirmary the time aft being injured Russian troops who opened occurrence successful the metropolis of Ochtyrk

I person to archer you astir 18-month-old Kirill from Mariupol, whose parents raced him to the infirmary nether occurrence — but wherever doctors could not bash thing to prevention him.

About Polina from Kyiv, killed by shelling connected the streets on with her parents and brother. About 14-year-old Arseniy, who was struck successful his caput by a projectile. Under dense fire, the ambulance simply could not scope him and helium bled to death.

I person much specified children to archer you about. Six-year-old Sofika and her one-and-a-half-month-old brother, who was changeable dormant by the occupiers unneurotic with their mother, grandma and gramps portion trying to permission Nova Kakhovka, by the Dnieper River, successful their car.

These names indispensable not go statistics. Behind figures chartless to you are the lives of children cruelly chopped short.

Kateryna Diachenko, 11, who was a rhythmic gymnast who had competed crossed Ukraine earlier the war, reportedly died aft her location was struck by a Russian rocket in Mariupol

At slightest 38 chil...

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