Ukraine Update: More Russian Strikes on Health Targets

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March 16, 2022 -- As the warfare successful Ukraine enters its 4th week, the World Health Organization reports that 43 hospitals, clinics, and ambulances person been bombed wrong the state frankincense far.

"We person ne'er seen globally this complaint of attacks connected wellness care. Health is becoming a people successful these situations. It's becoming portion of the strategy and tactics of war," said Michael Ryan, MD, enforcement manager of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program.

Targeting wellness attraction facilities and workers is not lone against planetary law, but parties progressive successful conflicts are required to intentionally debar specified targets, which is not happening successful Ukraine, Ryan said astatine a quality briefing Wednesday morning.

Overall wellness attraction capableness is dropping successful the state arsenic good owed to the conflict. There are 22% less beds with oxygen disposable and 20% less beds for country and treating trauma patients countrywide since the opening of the conflict, the WHO announced.

Adding to the situation are the locations of Ukrainian hospitals and clinics, with astir 300 wellness facilities present successful Russian-controlled territory and different 600 wrong astir 6 miles of a beforehand line.

Reinforcements Are Ready

Twenty planetary aesculapian teams are acceptable to spell to Ukraine, but those plans are connected clasp for now, the WHO announced. In an authoritative sense, the enactment is waiting for a ceremonial petition from the Ukrainian Minister of Health.

In reality, it's excessively unsafe astatine the moment.

"How tin we enactment exigency aesculapian teams connected the crushed successful the precise facilities that … are going to beryllium attacked and going to beryllium bombed and going to endure catastrophic damage?' Ryan asked. "How tin you bash that successful each conscience?"

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