Uncomfortably Numb: With COVID & Ukraine, Crisis Fatigue Thrives

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March 15, 2022 -- In casual speech these days, you're apt to hear: "I'm conscionable done with COVID."

The occupation is the microorganism isn't done with america yet. Nor is the warfare successful Ukraine, inflation, oregon state prices, among different concerns.

The statistic 2 years into the pandemic are sobering, oregon should be. Deaths from COVID-19 successful the United States are approaching 1 million. Globally, more than 6 million person died from it. In 2020, COVID-19 was the third-leading cause of decease successful the US, topped lone by bosom illness and cancer.

Still, successful galore areas, there's an eagerness to enactment the full happening down america and get backmost to normal, dropping disguise mandates and vaccine verification requirements on the way.

Therapists accidental immoderate person go truthful "done" with the pandemic that they're "emotionally numb" to it, refusing to sermon oregon deliberation astir it anymore. And they aren’t moved anymore by the millions the microorganism has killed.

Yet, those straight affected by COVID-19 -- including those pushing for much assistance for long COVID patients -- constituent retired that ignoring the illness is simply a privilege denied to them.

Can Emotional Numbing Protect You?

"When determination is tons and tons of stress, it is benignant of self-protective to effort to not emotionally consciousness a effect to everything," says Lynn Bufka, PhD, a scientist and spokesperson for the American Psychological Association.

But that's hard to do, she says. And lately, with the ongoing accent from galore sources, ...

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