Voices: What was P&O boss Peter Hebblethwaite thinking? You can’t go to parliament and tell the truth

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He came to the houses of parliament. He sat down his chair. He opened his rima and helium told the information – and that’s wherefore he’s got to go.

There are much than a fewer reasons kicking astir astatine the infinitesimal to question the judgement of Peter Hebblethwaite, the somewhat unpopular brag of P&O Ferries, but surely nary much than this.

Does helium not ticker the news? Has helium ever picked up a newspaper? It’s 2022, mate. If you privation to archer the truth, spell to Confession, not the commons.

The consequences for Mr Hebblethwaite, of telling a parliamentary prime committee that helium deliberately broke the law, concealed it, and would bash it again, are truthful evident helium indispensable surely person seen them coming.

Boris Johnson has called for him to spell – and rather right, too. The British mode is to bash things by convention, not by hard and accelerated rule, and Hebblethwaite should person known that since astir December 2021, anyone recovered knowingly not lying to parliament volition beryllium expected to resign. Hebblethwaite had it coming.

His crime, successful the words of transport caput Grant Shapps, and supported by the premier minister, was the “brazen” mode successful which helium admitted to person breached the law. This won’t do.

He admitted helium didn’t consult with the unions earlier making his full UK unit redundant with 30 minutes notice, arsenic helium was legally obliged to do, arsenic if helium had done they wouldn’t person allowed it.

This, arsenic Shapps correctly points out, is an enactment of brazen honesty – and this benignant of despicable behaviour simply volition not do.

What helium should person done, erstwhile asked wherefore helium broke the law, is said the following:

I didn’t sack each my staff.

All my unit whitethorn person been sacked but not by me.

Alright I did sack them but I didn&r...

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