We Asked Police Labs If They’d Use Sexual Assault Victims’ DNA To Implicate Them In Crimes. One Agency Wouldn’t Rule It Out.

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Earlier this week, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin made a shocking claim: that the city’s constabulary laboratory had utilized DNA from a intersexual battle subsister to implicate her successful a transgression years aboriginal — and helium believed the signifier could beryllium widespread.

The usage of victims’ familial accusation to link them to unrelated crimes was rapidly condemned by officials successful the Bay Area and elsewhere; a authorities lawmaker said helium was considering authorities connected the matter. And experts and unfortunate advocates said the revelation raises superior concerns astir however section authorities whitethorn beryllium storing and utilizing — oregon misusing — familial information, and however that could support aboriginal victims from coming forward.

“I anticipation there's different crushed that her DNA was retired determination due to the fact that if this is commonplace past that causes a full whirlwind of problems with our forensic subject system,” said Sara Katsanis, a probe adjunct prof astatine the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine who studies the ethical, legal, and societal implications of familial information.

BuzzFeed News reached retired to 20 instrumentality enforcement agencies successful California that behaviour forensic testing, arsenic good arsenic the authorities lawyer general’s office, which provides DNA investigating services for authorities successful 46 counties astatine 10 laboratories crossed the state. As of Friday, each of the much than a twelve agencies that responded to questions, including successful Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego counties, accidental they perfectly bash not usage intersexual battle survivors’ DNA to analyse crimes different than the cases for which their DNA is primitively submitted. But a spokesperson for 1 bureau added it seemed similar a “creative approach” and wouldn’t regularisation it out.

“My takeaway is that conscionable due to the fact that you were erstwhile a intersexual battle victim, it doesn’t springiness you the close to get progressive successful transgression activ...

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