Welcome to Eden: Netflix viewers desperate for more episodes after season one cliffhanger

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Netflix’s latest Spanish series Welcome to Eden has made a splash connected the platform, with fans of the bid each hopeless for much episodes.

The thriller series, which follows a radical of young adults who get a nasty astonishment aft being invited to be an exclusive enactment connected a distant island, landed connected Netflix US connected 6 May.

Welcome to Eden stars Amaia Aberasturi, Begoña Vargas, Tomy Aguilera, Diego Garisa and Lola Rodríguez, among others.

Fans person taken to Twitter to praise the show, with galore already precise invested successful the narration betwixt Zoa (Aberasturi) and Bel (Vargas).

“#WelcomeToEden amended beryllium getting a 2nd and 3rd play & we amended person Bel and Zoa unneurotic the full time!” wrote 1 fan.

“I privation to spot them accidental they emotion each other, I privation to spot them staying implicit successful their pods cuddling, wrapped up successful each different & I privation to spot them some being protective!”



Fans person already raced done the full bid and are wanting more.

“I finished welcome to Eden wrong 1 time and I’m rewatching it again,” admitted 1 viewer.

“I watched each of Welcome to Eden yesterday evening and I inactive can’t halt reasoning astir that ending,” posted another. “I request more.”

A 3rd added: “Highly urge Welcome to Eden on Netflix, but I’m ace annoyed that they’ve near maine hanging similar this. Season 2 amended hurry up and get present ASAP!!! #Netflix #WelcomeToEden.”



Welcome to Eden is retired present connected Netflix US. It is chartless erstwhile it volition get successful the UK and determination has ...

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