What Do Grasshoppers Eat? Startling Similarities Discovered Between the Mouths of Grasshoppers and Mammal Teeth

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Grasshopper Mandible Scans

An illustration of grasshopper mandibles with antithetic landscapes adapted to processing antithetic diets captured by dental topographic metrics. The astir analyzable undulating landscapes are associated with pugnacious works worldly specified arsenic grasses. Grasshoppers with steeper topographies and crisp cliff edges devour animals. Grasshoppers with different diets person antithetic combinations of these characteristics. Credit: Chris Stockey/University of Leicester

What bash grasshoppers eat? It’s not conscionable grass!

New Leicester probe shows similarities with mammal teeth similar ne'er before.

New probe led by paleobiologists astatine the University of Leicester has identified startling similarities betwixt the mouths of grasshoppers and mammal teeth.

The squad of researchers utilized blase three-dimensional imaging techniques to precisely representation the signifier of grasshopp...

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