What You’re Feeling Isn’t A Vibe Shift. It’s Permanent Change.

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Two-thirds of the way done his claustrophobic 2021 drama peculiar Inside, Bo Burnham concisely strips distant each the wit and launches into “That Funny Feeling.” It’s an intimate, quiescent opus that draws its powerfulness from its lyrical conceit. His verses are constructed of modern contradictions (“stunning 8K solution meditation app”) and phrases that astatine look worth are absurd (“the live-action Lion King”), portion the chorus erstwhile again contends with the titular feeling. Except Burnham does not sanction the feeling. Instead, helium evokes a wide conception that something is off. The opus doesn’t enactment if the thought of a “stunning 8K solution meditation app” doesn’t arouse thing akin successful you, too. It’s vaguely dystopian, disoriented, unmoored.

Burnham and I are astir the aforesaid age. I was 1 erstwhile the Berlin Wall fell. I was 3 by the clip the Soviet Union collapsed. Burnham and I are successful the mediate scope of millennials, a procreation calved into the longest play of planetary American supremacy, and we’ve been profoundly shaped by this stretch. In the West, it’s been understood arsenic an epoch of stability; successful the aboriginal 1990s, 1 governmental idiosyncratic adjacent suggested we’ve arrived astatine the “end of history,” an statement that, pursuing the triumph of Western wide democracies implicit different arrangements of governments, determination would beryllium nary going back.

And truthful it was for astir of my beingness that past has been over. The wide edicts of the rules-based bid and wide nine person applied. The worl...

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