When Iceland goes wild: Camping on the Vatnajokull glacier at -20C

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Shards of aquamarine crystal pierced the ominous grey scenery arsenic we trundled on successful our elephantine truck, with beardown gusts of snow-peppered upwind battering america arsenic we went.

I person to admit that I wasn’t terribly looking guardant to the imaginable of pitching a structure amid this apocalyptic landscape.

We were making our mode towards the snowfields of Europe’s largest glacier (by volume), which is located connected the eastbound seashore of Iceland, arsenic portion of a week-long grooming workout successful mentation for an upcoming North Pole expedition centred astir climate change.

Sadie said determination wasn't overmuch the squad could bash portion sat successful the tents, different than speech and eat 

Sadie (far right) pictured successful her structure during the tempest with expedition leader MBE Felicity Aston (far left) and chap teammate Emma Ranger

Sadie and her teammates were stuck successful a tempest for 3 nights connected Europe's largest glacier 

Vatnajokull, the glacier successful question, covers an awesome 7,900 quadrate kilometres (3,050 quadrate miles), has starred successful 2 James Bond films - A View to a Kill and Die Another Day - and is known for its unforgiving weather, particularly during the wintertime months.

We ventured to the frozen wasteland astatine the extremity of October successful 2021 and connected getting to its icy fringes successful peculiar monster truck-like vehicles we witnessed its unforgiving beauty.

‘It looks similar we’re connected different planet,’ 1 of our squad members said portion rolling down the model and swiftly doing it up again successful a bid to debar the biting cold.

The Vatnajokull glacier is known for its unforgiving upwind during the wintertime months

To get to the glacier, Sadie and her squad travelled successful peculiar trucks that could navigate the fr...

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