Who is Silvio Berlusconi's new 32-year-old wife?

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Former Italian premier curate Silvio Berlusconi beamed with joyousness arsenic helium celebrated a 'symbolic wedding' with his 32-year-old MP girlfriend, estimated to person outgo astatine slightest €400,000, implicit the weekend. 

The 85-year-old enjoyed a lavish 'festival of love' with Marta Fascina, an MP successful his Forza Italia party, at a historical spot called Villa Gernetto successful the municipality of Lesmo, northbound of Milan.

It represents the latest declaration of emotion betwixt Berlusconi and Marta, who person been dating since the commencement of 2020 aft she won his affections by sending a bid of letters that entranced him truthful overmuch that helium dumped his agelong word woman aft 12 years.

Fans were fixed a glimpse of the lawsuit online arsenic friends and household offered behind-the-scenes look astatine the lavish nuptials connected Instagram. 

The lawsuit whitethorn person looked precise overmuch similar a wedding, but the mates were not officially joined due to the fact that of an inheritance enactment betwixt the families. 

Berlusconi's 5 big children were believed to beryllium outraged astatine their father's volition to wed Marta, which would person fixed her a assertion to the 85-year-old's luck of implicit £5 billion. 

According to the Italian press, Marta was 'offended and precise aggravated astir not having a due wedding.'

Despite the information it wasn't an authoritative ceremony, Marta looked each spot the blushing bride, donning a level magnitude achromatic Antonio Riva gown crafted from French lace with a bid 3.5m agelong and sweeping her agelong blonde locks into a precocious bun for the occasion. 

Luxury wedding planner Illy Goodall estimated the formal on could person outgo the mates up to £16,000 (€20,000). Meanwhile Silvio opted for a astute bluish Armani suit. 

Later, guests were invited to articulation the mates for lunch, prepared by the Da Vittorio restaurant, enjoying veal mondeghili with lemon, ricotta gnocchi and potatoes with saffron and paccheri...

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