Who'll find love on our blind date?

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Debbie, 57 

Debbie (pictured), 57, divorced successful 2000

Relationship History

I divorced successful 2000, and since past I’ve had a seven-year narration and different which lasted for a year, but ended during the Covid lockdowns.

My lad feels liable for maine but I privation him to beryllium carefree and bask his life. I’ve had preventative country owed to a household past of the BRCA1 crab cistron and coming done that made maine absorption connected wanting to beryllium happy.

Pre-Date Nerves?

I’m past getting disquieted astir gathering a antheral for lunch. I wanted to consciousness confident, truthful I wore my reddish dress. I tried not to overthink it — my friends were astir much excited than me.

First Impressions?

I arrived conscionable earlier Shaun. I thought helium was lovely, with gorgeous airy bluish eyes.

Easy To Talk To?


Divorced with a 25-year-old son.


I tally a institution that sells branded workwear, which is made retired of recycled integrative bottles.


An intelligent, witty antheral who is self-made. I’m not funny successful cocky men who portion excessively overmuch oregon smoke. 

He is talkative, though astatine archetypal the speech was a spot excessively focused connected his separation. I told him I didn’t travel present to beryllium his therapist, though helium said I’d marque a bully one. 

Debbie's Verdict: 8/10 

LIKED? Shaun’s self-confidence.


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