Why kitchens are the REAL stars of our favourite shows

6 months ago 12

They're impossibly stylish and astir the size of a one-bedroom flat. So it's of small astonishment viewers find themselves falling for the immaculate kitchens astatine the bosom of our favourite TV shows. 

From the upmarket Manhattan brownstone successful HBO whodunnit The Undoing to the Big Little Lies' California mansions, today's large sanction bid are afloat of envy-inducing properties. 

They connection an flight from the half-finished DIY jobs and severely hung curtains of existent life, arsenic overmuch arsenic the OTT troubles of our favourite characters marque america hide our ain woes. 

When done well, TV homes reflect the lives and personalities of the characters surviving wrong them. Motherland's bedraggled mothers unrecorded successful well-loved homes afloat of the acquainted chaos of household life. Although their leafy westbound London locations and spacious spare bedrooms mean adjacent these 'relatable' properties are aspirational. 

In opposition Succession's Shiv Roy, for example, swaps her comparatively casual New York flat for an ultra-sleek three-storey arsenic her banal wrong father's media empire rises.

In different instances the seemingly cleanable household room provides a counterpoint to interior turmoil. 

In some Doctor Foster and The Split, the main characters - played by surface heavyweights Suranne Jones and Nicola Walker, respectively - tin retreat to the aspirational comfortableness of their showhome kitchens adjacent arsenic their marriages crumble.  &n...

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