Why Silvergate Is One Crypto Stock That Can Heavily Benefit From Rising Interest Rates

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There is simply a batch of statement implicit whether a cryptocurrency similar Bitcoin ( BTC 0.23% ), with its finite proviso of tokens, tin beryllium a hedge against ostentation -- and I deliberation the assemblage is inactive retired connected that one. But 1 crypto banal that I cognize tin bash that is Silvergate Capital ( SI -2.18% ).

Silvergate Capital is simply a slope that has built a proprietary real-time payments strategy called the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) that enables organization traders to instantly nonstop and wide transactions to cryptocurrency exchanges oregon different parties connected the network.

Because cryptocurrencies commercialized successful existent clip and the U.S. payments strategy doesn't run successful existent time, Silvergate has made the trading process easier for participating parties. The payments strategy has besides created a institution that volition heavy payment from rising involvement rates. Here are 2 charts that explicate why.

1. Excess currency and deposits

The large happening astir SEN is that erstwhile traders, exchanges, and different parties are onboarded, they acceptable up deposit accounts with the bank. These clients are hedge funds and plus managers that bring ample sums of deposits that are not interest-bearing.

Because Silvergate was the archetypal slope to bring a real-time payments level to market, it has benefited from a first-mover advantage, and astatine the extremity of 2021, the slope had much than 1,380 clients. This accelerated lawsuit maturation has enabled Silvergate to turn its equilibrium expanse overmuch faster than the emblematic bank.

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