Why Teachers Should Assign More Contemporary Books and Fewer Classics

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A small background: I studied lit successful university. Way backmost successful 2009, I made my archetypal friends successful the publication blogging satellite done the Classics Club. I’m portion of a Shakespeare publication club, and I reread respective centuries-old novels erstwhile a year. All of this is to say: I emotion the classics. I deliberation they’re an invaluable model into the souls of those who came earlier us, and I happily powerfulness done 19th period caller after 19th period caller each done autumn and winter.  

Having said that, arsenic a teacher who utilized to enactment with kids property 13–18, I judge that we should delegate much modern books and less classics to our students.

For the record: I’m not advocating to destruct each classics from the school curriculum. Far from it. But I bash judge that they should beryllium rationed, and we should beryllium moving with modern books acold much often than we bash now. Why, you ask? Pull up a chair, drawback a coffee, and let’s talk.

They Relate To Them Better

One of the astir unexpectedly fruitful days successful my vocation came a fewer years ago, erstwhile I assigned my 13-year-olds a caller astir the risks of societal media. Honestly? I didn’t really like that book. I thought it was farfetched, melodramatic, and the penning benignant grated connected my nerves. But I thought it would pb to immoderate absorbing discussions, truthful I added it to the ...

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