Will Amazon's Ventures in Twitch, Luna Move the Stock?

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With the popularity of Twitch and the caller motorboat of Luna, Amazon ( AMZN 0.69% ) is connected a rotation successful the gaming market. In this video clip from "The M&A Show" connected Motley Fool Live, recorded connected March 18, Fool.com contributors Travis Hoium and Jason Hall sermon respective ways the institution monetizes its contented and continues to grow. 

Travis Hoium: There's different question astir Amazon trying to monetize Twitch. This is going to beryllium truly absorbing due to the fact that I deliberation if you are not familiar, Twitch started arsenic fundamentally a streaming work for gamers.

Jason Hall: Watching radical play video games.

Hoium: If you've ever seen those videos.

Hall: If you conscionable rolled your eyes astir that and you've ever watched idiosyncratic play play connected TV, it's the aforesaid thing.

Hoium: But it's insanely popular. One of, arguably, the champion acquisitions that Amazon has ever done. Because they did it erstwhile those of america who were not watching Twitch connected a regular ground did not cognize who Twitch was. But they bought it for astir $100 cardinal [actual acquisition terms was $970 million] and if you've ever seen those videos of somebody's caput successful the country of the screen, portion there's a video crippled going connected the main screen, that's Twitch. That's what they bash arsenic a business.

As they've added much contented to Amazon Prime which is besides a streaming service, could you spot a convergence determination and a mode to monetize there? I deliberation determination are subscription services to Twitch. Then if you commencement paying creators, I deliberation Amazon gets a chopped of that. I'll besides bring up Amazon Luna, which is simply a work that they precocious launched for gaming arsenic well.

I deliberation the thought determination is astir apt that Twitch is going to plug into that precise well. I mean...

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