Young woman reveals how she was abandoned by 'friends' after epilepsy diagnosis

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A young pistillate has revealed however she was abandoned by friends and told to re-think her dreams of becoming a caregiver aft being diagnosed with epilepsy.

Sharnee Trotter, 26, had suffered from 'fainting episodes' since she was a teen but aft galore hospitalisations she was diagnosed with epilepsy astatine 22.

The young Victorian woman, who had studied nursing, had nary thought however the 'simple' diagnosis would alteration her beingness forever.

Almost each 1 of Sharnee's relationships changed overnight. 

Sharnee Trotter, 26, said she has ne'er felt much isolated and unsocial than erstwhile she was diagnosed with epilepsy

The young pistillate had suffered done fainting spells for years but erstwhile she recovered retired they were owed to epilepsy galore friends abandoned her - she is pictured present with 1 who stayed

Many friends started to shade her, choosing not to invitation her to events first, past dropping retired of her beingness forever.

Her household decided they needed to 'do everything for her' and contempt meaning good accidentally stripped her of independence.

And contempt fantabulous marks astatine University and successful infirmary pracs the aspiring caregiver recovered it astir intolerable to get a job.

Speaking with FEMAIL Sharnee remembers the archetypal months aft diagnosis arsenic being precise lonely arsenic everything successful her beingness was turned upside down.

The information galore of her friends abandoned her was the archetypal blow.

'I person immoderate precise bully friends near but it was hard erstwhile others stopped inviting maine to events and they dropped disconnected altogether,' she said.

Two immense triggers for Sharnee see intoxicant and tiredness which means late-night parties aren't perfect for maintaining health.

She was besides told she should look for different vocation aft graduating from assemblage arsenic a nurse

Sharnee pictured present with caller caregiver friends aft deciding she would pursuit her dreams of becoming a caregiver and...

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