Your Back Hurts More Than a Neanderthal's and Here's Why

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March 25, 2022 -- If you're 1 of the 65 cardinal Americans -- astir 1 successful 4 adults -- who person precocious had little backmost pain, blasted it connected the Industrial Revolution.

Scientists precocious learned that the monolithic changes successful lifestyles during this clip of translation astatine enactment led to changes successful our spines and to backmost pain. And it was Neanderthals that helped scientists fig this out.

For years, researchers believed that Neanderthals' spines and the spinal columns of modern radical -- Homo sapiens -- had cardinal differences successful however their vertebrae wedged together. It seemed that Neanderthal vertebrae angled truthful that the lumbar portion -- the little backmost -- was little curved than this portion successful humans today. But they were wrong.

It turns out, researchers weren't comparing the close models, and they are mounting the grounds consecutive present successful a survey published successful the diary PNAS Nexus.

Modern Back Pain

Most of anthropologists' knowing of quality spines has travel from skeletons successful the precocious 19th period oregon later, astir a period aft the Industrial Revolution began. But erstwhile researchers precocious compared much than 300 spines from astir the world, they included samples from some earlier and aft the Industrial Revolution. Then they compared them to Neanderthal spines.

The biggest differences successful little backmost curving, they found, were betwixt the pre-industrial and post-industrial spines of radical with much lumbar wedging successful vertebrae aft the Industrial Revolution began.

But Neanderthal spines didn't look overmuch antithetic from the spinal columns of pre-industrial humans, reg...

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