Zelensky singles out Ireland for 'ALMOST standing with Ukraine' as he praises nations who have

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The Ukrainian president has criticised Ireland for not abandoning its argumentation of neutrality contempt Russia's brutal penetration of the state - portion hitting retired astatine Europe for being 'too slow' to enforce sanctions that could person stopped Vladimir Putin astatine the border. 

Addressing the European Council, Volodymyr Zelensky namechecked EU subordinate states - noting successful crook what helium saw arsenic the level of enactment the state had fixed Ukraine. 'Ireland, well, almost,' Mr Zelensky said, without adding further reasons for his comment.

While afloat backing the Ukrainian propulsion for EU membership, Ireland has not abandoned its presumption of subject neutrality successful the look of the Russian assault. EU leaders person truthful acold resisted the telephone to accelerate the accession of Ukraine to the bloc. 

Taoiseach Micheal Martin, speaking connected the 2nd time of the European Council gathering successful Brussels, played down the comments, claiming the Ukrainian person was talking successful presumption of the 'European perspective'. 

In his address, Zelensky scolded Europe for being excessively 'late' imposing sanctions connected Russia, saying Vladimir Putin would 'never' person invaded if measures had been 'preventative'. 'You person imposed sanctions and we are grateful. These are beardown steps,' helium said. 'But it was a small late, due to the fact that if it had been preventative, Russia would ne'er person started a war.' 

The Ukrainian president had called for sanctions to beryllium imposed starting weeks earlier Russia's attack, but the West refused - saying the measures were intended arsenic a deterrent and should truthful lone beryllium utilized if and erstwhile the penetration had already started.

The Ukraine person said Russia 'would not person created a state crisis' successful Europe if the Nord Stream 2 state line, which runs from Russia to Germany, had been blocked earlier. 

Germany yet halted certification of the $10 cardinal earthy state pipeline aft German Chancellor Olaf Scholz lo...

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